S3 Compatibility status

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The compatibility list for other platforms is given only for informational purposes and based on available documentation. They are sometimes completed, in a best effort approach, with the source code and inputs from maintainers when documentation is lacking. We are not proactively monitoring new versions of each software: check the modification history to know when the page has been updated for the last time. Some entries will be inexact or outdated. For any serious decision, you must make your own tests. The official documentation of each project can be accessed by clicking on the project name in the column header.

Feel free to open a PR to suggest fixes this table. Minio is missing because they do not provide a public S3 compatibility list.

Update history

  • 2022-02-07 - First version of this page
  • 2022-05-25 - Many Ceph S3 endpoints are not documented but implemented. Following a notification from the Ceph community, we added them.

High-level features

FeatureGarageOpenstack SwiftCeph Object GatewayRiak CSOpenIO
signature v2 (deprecated)❌ Missing
signature v4✅ Implemented
URL path-style (eg. host.tld/bucket/key)✅ Implemented
URL vhost-style URL (eg. bucket.host.tld/key)✅ Implemented
Presigned URLs✅ Implemented✅(❓)
SSE-C encryption✅ Implemented

Note: OpenIO does not says if it supports presigned URLs. Because it is part of signature v4 and they claim they support it without additional precisions, we suppose that OpenIO supports presigned URLs.

Endpoint implementation

All endpoints that are missing on Garage will return a 501 Not Implemented. Some x-amz- headers are not implemented.

Core endoints

EndpointGarageOpenstack SwiftCeph Object GatewayRiak CSOpenIO
CreateBucket✅ Implemented
DeleteBucket✅ Implemented
GetBucketLocation✅ Implemented
HeadBucket✅ Implemented
ListBuckets✅ Implemented
HeadObject✅ Implemented
CopyObject✅ Implemented
DeleteObject✅ Implemented
DeleteObjects✅ Implemented
GetObject✅ Implemented
ListObjects✅ Implemented (see details below)
ListObjectsV2✅ Implemented
PostObject✅ Implemented
PutObject✅ Implemented

ListObjects: Implemented, but there isn't a very good specification of what encoding-type=url covers so there might be some encoding bugs. In our implementation the url-encoded fields are in the same in ListObjects as they are in ListObjectsV2.

Note: Ceph API documentation is incomplete and lacks at least HeadBucket and UploadPartCopy, but these endpoints are documented in Red Hat Ceph Storage - Chapter 2. Ceph Object Gateway and the S3 API

Multipart Upload endpoints

EndpointGarageOpenstack SwiftCeph Object GatewayRiak CSOpenIO
AbortMultipartUpload✅ Implemented
CompleteMultipartUpload✅ Implemented
CreateMultipartUpload✅ Implemented
ListMultipartUpload✅ Implemented
ListParts✅ Implemented
UploadPart✅ Implemented
UploadPartCopy✅ Implemented

Website endpoints

EndpointGarageOpenstack SwiftCeph Object GatewayRiak CSOpenIO
DeleteBucketWebsite✅ Implemented
GetBucketWebsite✅ Implemented
PutBucketWebsite⚠ Partially implemented (see below)
DeleteBucketCors✅ Implemented
GetBucketCors✅ Implemented
PutBucketCors✅ Implemented

PutBucketWebsite: Implemented, but only stores the index document suffix and the error document path. Redirects are not supported.

Note: Ceph radosgw has some support for static websites but it is different from the Amazon one. It also does not implement its configuration endpoints.

ACL, Policies endpoints

Amazon has 2 access control mechanisms in S3: ACL (legacy) and policies (new one). Garage implements none of them, and has its own system instead, built around a per-access-key-per-bucket logic. See Garage CLI reference manual to learn how to use Garage's permission system.

EndpointGarageOpenstack SwiftCeph Object GatewayRiak CSOpenIO
DeleteBucketPolicy❌ Missing
GetBucketPolicy❌ Missing
GetBucketPolicyStatus❌ Missing
PutBucketPolicy❌ Missing
GetBucketAcl❌ Missing
PutBucketAcl❌ Missing
GetObjectAcl❌ Missing
PutObjectAcl❌ Missing

Notes: Riak CS only supports a subset of the policy configuration.

Versioning, Lifecycle endpoints

Garage does not (yet) support object versioning. If you need this feature, please share your use case in our dedicated issue.

EndpointGarageOpenstack SwiftCeph Object GatewayRiak CSOpenIO
DeleteBucketLifecycle✅ Implemented
GetBucketLifecycleConfiguration✅ Implemented
PutBucketLifecycleConfiguration⚠ Partially implemented (see below)
GetBucketVersioning❌ Stub (see below)
ListObjectVersions❌ Missing
PutBucketVersioning❌ Missing

PutBucketLifecycleConfiguration: The only actions supported are AbortIncompleteMultipartUpload and Expiration (without the ExpiredObjectDeleteMarker field). All other operations are dependent on either bucket versionning or storage classes which Garage currently does not implement. The deprecated Prefix member directly in the the Rule structure/XML tag is not supported, specified prefixes must be inside the Filter structure/XML tag.

GetBucketVersioning: Stub implementation which always returns "versionning not enabled", since Garage does not yet support bucket versionning.

Replication endpoints

Please open an issue if you have a use case for replication.

EndpointGarageOpenstack SwiftCeph Object GatewayRiak CSOpenIO
DeleteBucketReplication❌ Missing
GetBucketReplication❌ Missing
PutBucketReplication❌ Missing

Note: Ceph documentation briefly says that Ceph supports replication through the S3 API but with some limitations. Additionaly, replication endpoints are not documented in the S3 compatibility page so I don't know what kind of support we can expect.

Locking objects

Amazon defines a concept of object locking that can be achieved either through a Retention period or a Legal hold.

EndpointGarageOpenstack SwiftCeph Object GatewayRiak CSOpenIO
GetObjectLegalHold❌ Missing
PutObjectLegalHold❌ Missing
GetObjectRetention❌ Missing
PutObjectRetention❌ Missing
GetObjectLockConfiguration❌ Missing
PutObjectLockConfiguration❌ Missing

(Server-side) encryption

We think that you can either encrypt your server partition or do client-side encryption, so we did not implement server-side encryption for Garage. Please open an issue if you have a use case.

EndpointGarageOpenstack SwiftCeph Object GatewayRiak CSOpenIO
DeleteBucketEncryption❌ Missing
GetBucketEncryption❌ Missing
PutBucketEncryption❌ Missing

Misc endpoints

EndpointGarageOpenstack SwiftCeph Object GatewayRiak CSOpenIO
GetBucketNotificationConfiguration❌ Missing
PutBucketNotificationConfiguration❌ Missing
DeleteBucketTagging❌ Missing
GetBucketTagging❌ Missing
PutBucketTagging❌ Missing
DeleteObjectTagging❌ Missing
GetObjectTagging❌ Missing
PutObjectTagging❌ Missing
GetObjectTorrent❌ Missing

Vendor specific endpoints

Display Amazon specifc endpoints
EndpointGarageOpenstack SwiftCeph Object GatewayRiak CSOpenIO
DeleteBucketAnalyticsConfiguration❌ Missing
DeleteBucketIntelligentTieringConfiguration❌ Missing
DeleteBucketInventoryConfiguration❌ Missing
DeleteBucketMetricsConfiguration❌ Missing
DeleteBucketOwnershipControls❌ Missing
DeletePublicAccessBlock❌ Missing
GetBucketAccelerateConfiguration❌ Missing
GetBucketAnalyticsConfiguration❌ Missing
GetBucketIntelligentTieringConfiguration❌ Missing
GetBucketInventoryConfiguration❌ Missing
GetBucketLogging❌ Missing
GetBucketMetricsConfiguration❌ Missing
GetBucketOwnershipControls❌ Missing
GetBucketRequestPayment❌ Missing
GetPublicAccessBlock❌ Missing
ListBucketAnalyticsConfigurations❌ Missing
ListBucketIntelligentTieringConfigurations❌ Missing
ListBucketInventoryConfigurations❌ Missing
ListBucketMetricsConfigurations❌ Missing
PutBucketAccelerateConfiguration❌ Missing
PutBucketAnalyticsConfiguration❌ Missing
PutBucketIntelligentTieringConfiguration❌ Missing
PutBucketInventoryConfiguration❌ Missing
PutBucketLogging❌ Missing
PutBucketMetricsConfiguration❌ Missing
PutBucketOwnershipControls❌ Missing
PutBucketRequestPayment❌ Missing
PutPublicAccessBlock❌ Missing
RestoreObject❌ Missing
SelectObjectContent❌ Missing