Starting Garage with systemd

2 min

We make some assumptions for this systemd deployment.

  • Your garage binary is located at /usr/local/bin/garage.

  • Your configuration file is located at /etc/garage.toml.

  • Your garage.toml must be set with metadata_dir=/var/lib/garage/meta and data_dir=/var/lib/garage/data. This is mandatory to use systemd hardening feature Dynamic User. Note that in your host filesystem, Garage data will be held in /var/lib/private/garage.

Create a file named /etc/systemd/system/garage.service:

Description=Garage Data Store

Environment='RUST_LOG=garage=info' 'RUST_BACKTRACE=1'
ExecStart=/usr/local/bin/garage server


A note on hardening: garage will be run as a non privileged user, its user id is dynamically allocated by systemd. It cannot access (read or write) home folders (/home, /root and /run/user), the rest of the filesystem can only be read but not written, only the path seen as /var/lib/garage is writable as seen by the service (mapped to /var/lib/private/garage on your host). Additionnaly, the process can not gain new privileges over time.

To start the service then automatically enable it at boot:

sudo systemctl start garage
sudo systemctl enable garage

To see if the service is running and to browse its logs:

sudo systemctl status garage
sudo journalctl -u garage

If you want to modify the service file, do not forget to run systemctl daemon-reload to inform systemd of your modifications.