Backups (restic, duplicity...)

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Backups are essential for disaster recovery but they are not trivial to manage. Using Garage as your backup target will enable you to scale your storage as needed while ensuring high availability.

Borg Backup

Borg Backup is very popular among the backup tools but it is not yet compatible with the S3 API. We recommend using any other tool listed in this guide because they are all compatible with the S3 API. If you still want to use Borg, you can use it with rclone mount.


External links: Restic Documentation > Amazon S3


External links: Duplicity > man (scroll to "URL Format" and "A note on Amazon S3")


External links: Duplicati Documentation > Storage Providers

The following fields need to be specified:

Storage Type: S3 Compatible
Use SSL: [ ] # Only if you have SSL
Server: Custom server url (s3.garage.localhost:3900)
Bucket name: bucket-name
Bucket create region: Custom region value (garage) # Or as you've specified in garage.toml
AWS Access ID: Key ID from "garage key info key-name"
AWS Access Key: Secret key from "garage key info key-name"
Client Library to use: Minio SDK

Click Test connection and then no when asked The bucket name should start with your username, prepend automatically?. Then it should say Connection worked!.


External links: Knoxite Documentation > Storage Backends


External links: Kopia Documentation > Repositories