Monitoring Garage

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Garage exposes some internal metrics in the Prometheus data format. This page explains how to exploit these metrics.

Setting up monitoring

Enabling the Admin API endpoint

If you have not already enabled the administration API endpoint, do so by adding the following lines to your configuration file:

api_bind_addr = ""

This will allow anyone to scrape Prometheus metrics by fetching http://localhost:3903/metrics. If you want to restrict access to the exported metrics, set the metrics_token configuration value to a bearer token to be used when fetching the metrics endpoint.

Setting up Prometheus and Grafana

Add a scrape config to your Prometheus daemon to scrape metrics from all of your nodes:

  - job_name: 'garage'
      - targets:
        - 'node1.mycluster:3903'
        - 'node2.mycluster:3903'
        - 'node3.mycluster:3903'

If you have set a metrics token in your Garage configuration file, add the following lines in your Prometheus scrape config:

      type: Bearer
      credentials: 'your metrics token'

To visualize the scraped data in Grafana, you can either import our Grafana dashboard for Garage or make your own.

The list of exported metrics is available on our dedicated page in the Reference manual section.