Administration API

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The Garage administration API is accessible through a dedicated server whose listen address is specified in the [admin] section of the configuration file (see configuration file reference)

WARNING. At this point, there is no comittement to stability of the APIs described in this document. We will bump the version numbers prefixed to each API endpoint at each time the syntax or semantics change, meaning that code that relies on these endpoint will break when changes are introduced.

The Garage administration API was introduced in version 0.7.2, this document does not apply to older versions of Garage.

Access control

The admin API uses two different tokens for acces control, that are specified in the config file's [admin] section:

  • metrics_token: the token for accessing the Metrics endpoint (if this token is not set in the config file, the Metrics endpoint can be accessed without access control);

  • admin_token: the token for accessing all of the other administration endpoints (if this token is not set in the config file, access to these endpoints is disabled entirely).

These tokens are used as simple HTTP bearer tokens. In other words, to authenticate access to an admin API endpoint, add the following HTTP header to your request:

Authorization: Bearer <token>

Administration API endpoints

Metrics GET /metrics

Returns internal Garage metrics in Prometheus format.

Cluster operations

These endpoints are defined on a dedicated Redocly page. You can also download its OpenAPI specification.

Requesting the API from the command line can be as simple as running:

curl -H 'Authorization: Bearer s3cr3t' http://localhost:3903/v0/status | jq

For more advanced use cases, we recommend using a SDK.
Go to the "Build your own app" section to know how to use our SDKs