A cookbook, when you cook, is a collection of recipes. Similarly, Garage's cookbook contains a collection of recipes that are known to works well! This chapter could also be referred as "Tutorials" or "Best practices".

  • Deploying Garage: This page will walk you through all of the necessary steps to deploy Garage in a real-world setting.

  • Configuring S3 clients: This page will explain how to configure popular S3 clients to interact with a Garage server.

  • Hosting a website: This page explains how to use Garage to host a static website.

  • Recovering from failures: Garage's first selling point is resilience to hardware failures. This section explains how to recover from such a failure in the best possible way.

  • Building from source: This page explains how to build Garage from source in case a binary is not provided for your architecture, or if you want to hack with us!

  • Starting with Systemd: This page explains how to run Garage as a Systemd service (instead of as a Docker container).