Setup your development environment

We propose the following quickstart to setup a full dev. environment as quickly as possible:

  1. Setup a rust/cargo environment. eg. dnf install rust cargo
  2. Install awscli v2 by following the guide here.
  3. Run cargo build to build the project
  4. Run ./script/ to launch a test cluster (feel free to read the script)
  5. Run ./script/ to configure your test cluster with default values (same datacenter, 100 tokens)
  6. Run ./script/ to create a bucket named eprouvette and an API key that will be stored in /tmp/garage.s3
  7. Run source ./script/ to configure your CLI environment
  8. You can use garage to manage the cluster. Try garage --help.
  9. You can use the awsgrg alias to add, remove, and delete files. Try awsgrg help, awsgrg cp /proc/cpuinfo s3://eprouvette/cpuinfo.txt, or awsgrg ls s3://eprouvette. awsgrg is a wrapper on the aws s3 command pre-configured with the previously generated API key (the one in /tmp/garage.s3) and localhost as the endpoint.

Now you should be ready to start hacking on garage!