Migrating from 0.5 to 0.6

This guide explains how to migrate to 0.6 if you have an existing 0.5 cluster. We don't recommend trying to migrate directly from 0.4 or older to 0.6.

We make no guarantee that this migration will work perfectly: back up all your data before attempting it!

Garage v0.6 (not yet released) introduces a new data model for buckets, that allows buckets to have many names (aliases). Buckets can also have "private" aliases (called local aliases), which are only visible when using a certain access key.

This new data model means that the metadata tables have changed quite a bit in structure, and a manual migration step is required.

The migration steps are as follows:

  1. Disable api and web access for some time (Garage does not support disabling these endpoints but you can change the port number or stop your reverse proxy for instance).

  2. Do garage repair -a --yes tables and garage repair -a --yes blocks, check the logs and check that all data seems to be synced correctly between nodes.

  3. Turn off Garage 0.5

  4. Backup your metadata folders!!

  5. Turn on Garage 0.6

  6. At this point, garage bucket list should indicate that no buckets are present in the cluster. garage key list should show all of the previously existing access key, however these keys should not have any permissions to access buckets.

  7. Run garage migrate buckets050: this will populate the new bucket table with the buckets that existed previously. This will also give access to API keys as it was before.

  8. Check that all your buckets indeed appear in garage bucket list, and that keys have the proper access flags set. If that is not the case, revert everything and file a bug!

  9. Your upgraded cluster should be in a working state. Re-enable API and Web access and check that everything went well.